One way ticket to Canada

12244596_10153660507010336_2607997164174729483_o I can’t believe it has already been exactly one month ago since I packed up my bags and jumped on a one way flight back to Canada!

The idea of redoing my Canadian experience came to me shortly after returning to Australia in April. It was a feeling inside that grew stronger with every month that past, right up until it was a loud voice inside me telling me to go back and soon after that voice turned into a one way ticket to Canada. Read more

Breaking out of your comfort zone


Breaking out of your comfort zone is something I am a big adcovate for. I don’t like to settle. I have no interest in routine or being comfortable. I find that I have the best fun and experience the most growth when I leave my comfort zone, this is the same for everyone.
Take a look at your life, are you being pulled to break free?

(Here is a post I wrote last month and didn’t publish)

I’ve done the whole break out of your comfort zone thing for a few years now that it isn’t hard for me to recognise the tingling feeling inside I get when it’s time for me to mix it up.

I moved back to Australia in April and after spending so long away from home I thought it would be a good idea to plant my feet in the ground again and settle for a while. I got back into spending time with my friends from home, got a full-time job, joined the gym and did fun stuff. It was all good at first however, a couple of months passed and I started to feel ‘too comfortable’ and somehow a dark cloud came back into my life. I wasn’t happy and everything became routine and  I wasn’t experiencing anything that challenged me, I didn’t like it.

I couldn’t help but feel a pull from another direction.

That is when I spontaneously (or impulsively, however you look at it) decided one day to quit my job and within a week I had my bags packed and was on my way to the Snowy Mountains.

The first week I arrived I was sick and I had no voice, the whole experience wasn’t what I expected it would be. At first I was angry at myself for making such a bald decision and leaving without giving it much thought, I came close to packing my bags until I realised that what I did wasn’t easy and that I had to give myself time to adjust.
I gave myself a week, if by the end of that week I still didn’t feel right I’d pack up and go home but if by the end of that week I was okay then I would stay.

Soon enough it was the end of that week and I had forgotten what I told myself until the reminder in my phone popped up. I immediately dismissed it.

In that week I had my voice back, I met lots of amazing people, I had some days off work that were the funnest days I’ve had this year and I was excited at what experiences I was yet to have.
So I decided to stay.

And here I am, over a month later since I arrived and I am so glad I pushed through the uncomfortable beginning and stayed. The connections I have made, the experiences I have had and the strength I’ve found within myself have been worth it.
Coming here was exactly what I needed, I didn’t really have many expectations but I’ve found everything I needed and more.

So, if you feel the pull to break out of your comfort zone then don’t ignore it. It doesn’t have to be as out there as quitting your job and moving 6 hours away. It can be as simple as trying something new or changing how you spend your free time.
Just remember, you can’t grow if you stay in your comfort zone. Your mind needs to be challenged, you need to feel uncomfortable and experience things that you’ll look back on and see it as something that shaped who you are.

It won’t be easy, but I promise it will be worth it.

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I’m back..

I'm back

I’m back.

I originally wrote this post back in June, however it sat in my drafts folder for some time. I’m not sure why I didn’t post it, but I guess I thought I wasn’t ready. But here I am ready to come back into this space because I love writing and I enjoy sharing my thoughts on here, so it is official – I am back..
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2015 – the year of YOU!

2015 is the year of you

Here we are again, gifted with a brand new year; a blank canvas fresh and ready for us to paint our dreams. What a beautiful opportunity we have! I can happily say that I fulfilled all the intentions I set myself for 2014 – from starting a blog to moving overseas. 2015, I’m ready for you!

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What I learn’t in 2014

embracethesoul_what_i_learnt_in_2014It’s that time of year again when we reflect on the last 12 months and what we learn’t, while thinking of our intentions for the new year to come and I always think to myself “where has the the time gone?!”. But yet again, here we are.

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Adventure Diaries – Hello Canada

sun peaks hostel

A week ago I jumped on a plane to seek Adventure in Canada. What was once a dream and an intention earlier this year soon became a reality within arms reach. A week before I flew out my visa was granted and a few days after that I booked my flight.
Everything was so sudden.

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